Connect Express offers a range of network, security and communications solutions that ensure you can work, collaborate and access the resources needed to do your job.

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Enhance security

Get integrated network security for before, during, and after an attack.

Improve reliability

Easily manage wired and wireless networks, strengthen security, and simplify your campus LAN.

Scale with efficiency

Pave your way to an automated, digital-ready network with access switches.

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Security across the WAN

Highly secure authentication, strong encryption, and segmentation help protect your users, data, and applications from the WAN edge to the cloud.

On-demand network services

Respond to business needs faster and increase IT efficiency by deploying integrated network services on demand, wherever you need them.

Transform the customer experience

Increase productivity by using real-time analytics, visibility, and control to optimize cloud and on-premises application performance.

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Cloud-first architecture

Leverage the flexibility and availability of the cloud to easily manage and optimise connectivity across your WAN from a single dashboard

Right security, right place

Segment your network traffic and ensure compliance, continuity and security in just a few clicks

Predictable application experience

Achieve true end to end visibility into applications and infrastructure across entire SD-WAN fabric

How can SD-WAN grow your business?


Multi-layer network security

Protect against multiple threats and vectors including ransomware, DDOS, malware, phishing and much more with our NGFW solutions.

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection

Cisco AMP combines monitoring, sandboxing, real-time malware blocking and global threat intelligence to create a robust anti-malware solution.

Business Continuity

We can work with you to integrate business continuity solutions like backup and recovery to ensure your data remains accessible following a breach.

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Voice and Collaboration

Prioritise voice traffic

Ensure crystal clear communications by prioritising voice traffic over other less-critical applications.

Unified Communications

Reduce costs and complexity by unifying your voice, video and conferencing under one platform.

Work smarter with collaboration platforms

Work smarter and more efficiently with collaboration platforms that connect workers no matter where they are.

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High-performance wireless

Our wireless solutions support up to Wi-Fi 6, and ensure high quality connectivity both now and for the future.

Simple management

Whether you want to manage your wireless network from the cloud or on premise, Connect Express can help.

Built in wireless security

With IoT and mobile devices posing new threats to your network, we’ll ensure your wireless network is monitored proactively to stop security threats from becoming security problems.

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