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Building Future-Ready Networks

As a Cisco Premier Partner we have access to, and expertise in all Cisco products and programmes, designed to keep users happy and your business running smoothly with software and hardware that works best TOGETHER.

In particular, in the face of rapidly expanding threats across the whole business environ, Cisco have been following a continuous improvement strategy to develop or acquire products and solutions which provide the best protection for your staff and assets.

Connect Express are ideally placed to ensure that you have access to the right network products and services to support your business growth and security.

And it might be more affordable than you think…

Cost Effective, Available AND Sustainable

Are you having problems with equipment supply?

If you’re looking for a way to buy the exceptional resilience and reliability of Cisco equipment but working to a tight budget, we have great news! We have access to a wide range of CISCO certified refurbished equipment under the Cisco Refresh programme.

Cisco Refresh products are ideal as a standalone solution, and their value is even greater when blended into a solution with new Cisco equipment.

All Cisco refurbished equipment has been re-manufactured by Cisco to the same exacting standards as new equipment. Firmware and software is updated and the product is re-registered with an ‘RF’ suffix appended to the serial number. Packaged in new boxes, these units are then given a new three month warranty for peace of mind. Finally, all Cisco RF products qualify for coverage under the SMARTnet hardware support program, and can be added to your existing SMARTnet contract.

Cisco Refresh works especially well if you are concerned about:

    When budget is limited, Cisco Refresh provides the maximum flexibility to get the technology you need. Cisco Refresh products provide a very cost-effective solution as individual products, or can be combined with new Cisco products in a larger solution, reducing overall cost and meeting even the most challenging procurement requirements.
    We maintain a large inventory of older and end-of-sale models required to maintain installed network configurations or to optimise IT resources between planned migrations or upgrades. Our inventory of refurbished current models also provides an excellent solution if new products are not available to meet your delivery requirements.
    Re-manufactured equipment can help you reduce your environmental footprint. Cisco Refresh creates a second life for equipment, thereby saving the resources required for new manufacturing and reducing waste.

Better for the planet, better for your bottom line…