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High performing, secure networks are essential to the efficiency and security of your business – today more than ever when many organisations are expanding their bases, particularly with the increase in working from home.

Connect Express consultants are experts in this field, committed to working with you to create innovative yet robust solutions, driving your business forward into the future.

Our services cover the full spectrum of network solutions, including design consultancy, hardware supply, installation, implementation, project management, maintenance, training and support.

Network Security runs through everything that we do. Thanks to the trust and support of our customers, we’ve been privileged to experience the evolution and revolution of information technology as resellers and as users. Having earned our reputation for service, we now believe that our greatest value to our clients into the future will be achieved by being the specialists in Network Security which they now need.

Full Lifecycle Service

Our network specialists offer you expert support covering the full lifecycle of today’s high performing networks, from design through procurement, implementation and support.


Networking, ie the communication between two or more end points, encompasses every aspect of connecting computers together. Networks have grown to support vastly disparate communication requirements. A network requires many protocols and features to be scalable and manageable without constant manual intervention.

In Network Design, the trend is toward increasingly complex environments involving multiple media, multiple protocols, and interconnection to networks outside any single organisation’s control.

We work with you to carefully design networks to support your growth and reduce the difficulties and threats associated with that growth as your networking environment evolves.


Even the best designed networks are only as good as the products that support them. As part of our role as a Cisco Premier Partner, we’re contracted as “subject matter experts” on all Cisco Programmes and Promotions on our customers’ behalf.

We have access to, and advanced expertise in a whole suite of products which are designed to work together to meet your particular needs, whatever the complexity. 

And it might be cheaper than you you think! By using these programmes, we can help you make substantial savings on capital expenditure. By applying these savings in conjunction with Cisco’s Migration Programme, we can even get you a return on old and dysfunctional equipment.



Implementation refers to the post-sales process of requirements analysis, scope analysis, customisations, systems integrations, user policies, user training and delivery.

To implement a system successfully, many inter-related tasks need to be carried out in an appropriate sequence. Connect Express’ well-proven methodology and expert advice helps avoid pitfalls, such as poor planning and inadequate resourcing, that cause problems with any implementation project.

Connect Express believes in meticulous consultation and comprehensive two-way communication as the key to achieving the best results.


Having invested the capital in a world-class system, it’s easy to forget that even the best engineered products need to be maintained properly to consistently deliver results.

Connect Express has been providing our customers with support since the company started, and we’ve won awards for our reputation as a support contract management specialist. Customers who we supported then are still supported by us today. They stay with us because we are committed to ensuring they have the reliable, available, high performing networks they need to run their businesses.

“What sets Connect Express apart from other companies is the incredible flexibility and extreme commitment of its people to keeping our network up and running efficiently.”

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