Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment

You can purchase Cisco Refurbished Equipment from Connect Express for a fraction of the price of new.

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About Cisco Refurbished

Cisco Refurbished equipment allows you to utilise Cisco equipment within your network at a fraction of the cost of new. This greatly reduces your total cost of ownership yet still offers the same level of Cisco warranty as new equipment.

Cisco Refurbished equipment is certified by Cisco directly to ensure the same operational capability as brand new Cisco equipment. Tested thoroughly, this equipment is only available from approved Cisco partners, and comes loaded with the latest firmware and operating software.

Why Connect Express for Cisco Refurbished

Connect Express has been a Cisco partner since 1997. With strong ties to Cisco and an excellent working relationship, Connect Express has the ability to install, monitor and support your Cisco Refurbished equipment to the same level of quality as new.

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